Don't you dare disagree

9:29:00 PM

Don't you dare disagree with me, I don't belong here... How can you not believe what I say? How can you not see that am on a path of self-destruct... I'm addicted to betrayal, am addicted to mess ups, am addicted to the pain which I dare not erase. I break, I endure pain, I remain restless while turning happiness into misery, light into darkness... But ruining everything around me doesn't make me happy, it does not complete me. I remain incomplete, my dreams incomplete, my desires incomplete and my life I guess... just incomplete... I just don't belong here and please don't say otherwise... Because am addicted to the grey, the mutilation, the enigmatic rapture while keeping happiness at bay... So i live a life where getting what I wish just an unfulfilled plea...

Mera Saraab-e-Lahasil
Mera Khawab-e-Lahasil
Yeh Zindagi Lahasil...!!

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