10:59:00 PM

Its weird how things work around me, in fact I work... I make things fine just to make them worse again. Its weird, I am weird, I am crappy am hot tempered... I get angry on very little things, I expect a lot... From you, from my self, from my friends... When I know I shouldn't... People say that am "NA SHUKRA" but don't they know what I go through? I have made my self what I am, and as days pass I know i'll become worse, I'll become cold... I'll become heartless...

It's weird that I don't feel the burns, I don't feel the pain when I put salt on my cuts, I don't feel the need of people being with me, I don't feel the urge to talk anymore and as days pass I am becoming more indifferent. It's like the only thing matters to me is EXISTING... Existing, this word has been attached to me for very long... I don't know what it means to me but yes all what matters is existing even if its without feeling anyone.

How can someone so emo become so cold? That is the question I ask my self a lot, but maybe I know the answer...

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