New year UFFF!!

6:25:00 PM

Happy new year folks... YES it is definitely a happy one Mashallah reasons well:

Firstly THANK GOD people left from my life, coz I was tired explaining them... but I realized when someone is blind no matter how much you try to explain color to them they can NEVER NEVER understand... but good hai shaid... Though loosing someone that close hurts per when there is no reason to be with them so it may be fine...

The person which sincerely loves me, was with me

Getting lots of projects mashallah... and lots of new surprises coming up ;)

and not to forget yesterday night which I must tell was totally awesome! Was covering an event called The Night Heaven's Cried... AND UFFF UFFF UFFF fit tha yaar...

got free late from it and what I see is NOTHING!! NOTHING AT ALL!!! FAAAAG only FAAAAAAAG... and I laaasssttttt my way :( not actually lost per seriously it was one hell to go back to Raiwind in this weather and well what I was doing in this freaking fog was taking pictures =$
vekho yeh bhi:

picture of a truck crashing, lol I was taking pictures of this truck it was looking cool at night and DHUZZZZZ it went under the under pass which didn't allow it to go so it ended up this

and lol us kay baad ghar jaa ker galiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :P plus ahmm worried looks from people who care ;)

and oh since morning good hi hai, now going out with family for a dinner... so lets see how it ends :D

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