9:03:00 PM

Haan gee I LOVE YOU CHANDA!!! hahaha yeah you need to say ewww ewww ewwwwwww LOL I know you hate it so much when I say this to you... but you know you mean a lot to me... Fati you are like my kid, my little sister (NO YOU ARE NOT MY SISTER), my closest friend which says EWW a lot and lol hates it when I try to hug... but you are like a pyaara sa ghubaaraa a mano billi, you have made your place in my life as a friend who is there when no one else is, a friend which annoys me and calls me saroo but cares for me in a very weird way...

Seriously I love you in a very weird way! OMG ab is ko ghalat naa laina :P :P and don't say ewww coz I feel like hugging you

and these ghubaraaaay's are for you...

(half of this post i wrote in the morning baki abhi likhi such such bata raha houn :P)

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