Pakistan a country of hard workers

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We get a quiet bleak picture when it comes to the image of Pakistan. Apparently, censuring the media for such coercion would be just. Having faced such unfortunate events, be it natural or man-made, at such frequent intervals, it proves to be detrimental for the image of Pakistan time and again.

The motion after which we have loitered is “Re-branding Pakistan: A Country for hard workers”.

Pakistan is, contrary to the outside world’s view, not just mountainous, rugged landscape, poverty, religious intolerance, terrorism, war or target killing, but, a country with abundant resources, a nation with rich culture, a society with zeal, hard workers and a spirit of never giving up. Therefore, rebranding has become inevitably necessary.

Just to clarify Rebranding, the term itself, it does not mean presenting an ideal or a romantic rosy picture of the scenario, but, just changing the perception of the country as it should be. Hence, the true frame of Pakistan comprises of a blend of mixture of diverse cultures, different societies, various religions, disparity between socio-economic classes, and hurdles that all other normal countries face.

Photo of, a traffic warden on duty, a rickshaw diver, a female hawker, chef at service, engineers at work, a mechanic repairing, and busy road at night, shows the negligible contribution by all individuals to the country, the society and to the economy. Every photo, for sure, discloses diffusion of the new perception/image in its altruistically unique fashion.

PHOTO ESSAY by me for Tamasha 2011

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