You can't stop me from expressing

8:23:00 PM

Okay its been ages since I did any such post per today I feel like writing... Its valentines day WOOOPIII lol I am not much of a believer of it and I don't care about its history or anything all I know is that anything can be made positive if we wish to... So yeah... Valentines day ahan... expressing love shove day... right?

So why shouldn't I express? And before I do that I wanna say am very thankful to God for giving me what he has and especially for giving me success in the fields I choose but today with all this I miss few people bhaiya, kashi, xnb, fama, buddy, angel, fatima yousaf, kiddo, nimzz... per well if they aren't with me today its some how my fault...

well had a very nice day today, felt loved and everyone showed what I mean to them... plus it was just such a nice weather that it made my day splendid...

those of you who do not wish to her my bakwas anymore pls leave coz next 4 - 5 posts would be about people who mean a lot to me :)

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