7:09:00 AM

Complains complains and more complains... Everyone around me are just complaining, and weird thing is that most of them are saying the ditto same thing i.e "you are not giving us enough time" or "why aren't you talking with me and when you do why are you rude to me" so for those of you who keep on asking this, I just have to say "MAI AISA HI HOUN - Take it or leave it"...
I just don't feel like talking to anyone, nor socializing... All I wish to do is take my lazy ass in bed and sleeep sleeeeep and sleeeeeeeep. And by saying this I cross limits of my own sanity coz I hardly sleep daily, so desire of sleeping wow ubaid you sure are at an edge.

Did I mention I did a complete photo shoot for a big designer company recently, anyways that shoot requires post production work and digital binding and am too down to do that... oh that reminds me half of it is due this wednesday and remaining I have to give by friday noon.

Anyways, going for breakfast... with someone who'd actually listen and care :)

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