Secrets # 01 - Your love burned me to ashes

2:19:00 PM

“Ivory contours
singed at every possible place
and he laid me bare for the world to see.
Dirtied the sanctity
Of the shrine that was I.
Sanctimonious, I became.
Now unchaste tears that slip down free,
Even they can’t kill the fire wrought.
Wrought by a love that broke all limits.
A love that burned me to ashes.
Leaving nothing
But sinuous smoke behind.”

He left her to die. No, he killed her. Murdered the innocence, massacred the morality, adulterated the purity that made her who she was.

She gave herself to him, truly and completely, to love, to cherish. He invaded her, tore her to pieces and threw her into the darkest corner.

She trusted him with her life, her heart, and her body. He violated her, ravaged her till there was nothing left, but scars that would never fade.

She loved him with all that she had, thought him to be the ‘only one’; thought herself to be the only one for him. And then she got a rude awakening, one that barely left her alive.

This is not the story of just one woman. Look around you, you’ll see countless others like her. Or maybe you won’t. Because they hide. They slink away into the darkness, in places where their pain wouldn’t be visible to the unassuming eye. They hide where their miseries wouldn’t be put up for the world to scorn and mock at. They hide so they won’t be put on a pedestal, on display for everyone to see, as the girl who was foolish enough to trust and to love.

What shows on the outside isn’t half of it. These victims at the hands of lechery lose their belief, in love, in the opposite sex, even in themselves. There’s anger, resentment, hurt, regret, just bubbling beneath the beautiful façade. The hurt and anger, at being violated and then thrown away, yet another example of the casualties of love. The resentment and regret at focused on that seemingly innocent mistake of putting her trust in a monster on the hunt for just one thing.

One thing, that means the end of a life.

Heart, soul and body, a man can ravage all three with a few actions. He can take away the only thing a woman has to hold on to. Dignity. Self-respect. Honor. Just a couple of words that are, in fact, the necessity of a life of integrity.

Men walk away with a clean slate. All a woman is left with is ash.

“You stand there
Smiling serenely
As if what you see
Gives you immense pleasure
And soothes you to the core.
You stand there
Smiling serenely
While I self-destruct
And remain nothing
But ash.”

Photography & Concept: Ubaid Ullah Ahmed
Assisted by: Maryam Malick
Literature: Maryam B Mirza & Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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