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‘Secrets’ is an insight into the deepest, darkest aspects that surround a relationship. A confirmation of situations not spoken out loud, and considered a taboo in our society. An explanation of what a woman goes through, loses and emerges as after having faced the injustice at the hand of men. ‘Secrets’ takes you to places you choose to turn a blind eye to. It makes you hear the cries of the countless females now burning in the fire of mistaken ‘love’. ‘Secrets’ is the answer to all those who say that the world is all good. ‘Secrets’ is a venture to bring out the plight of these women who have nowhere to turn to after having been used and thrown away. The ‘Secrets’ are the one’s that men guard with their lives.

These ‘Secrets’ are now revealed.

Photography & Concept: Ubaid Ullah Ahmed
Assisted by: Maryam Malick
Literature: Maryam B Mirza & Ubaid Ullah Ahmed

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