Splash of Life

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I remember reading a research paper that said if an expecting mother indulges in music, art and literature, her child is more likely to be born with an appreciation for all that is good in life. Whether true or not, it sure does make sense. An unborn child has senses developed enough to hear what is going on in the world it will soon step into.

Try remembering your first day at Kindergarten, what was it that the teacher put before you? It was most likely an art supply, something with which you scribbled onto a piece of paper that your Mother later put up on the refrigerator. Your very first Art exhibition. Creating something gives one immense pride and self satisfaction. That is why it is wrong to try to stifle creativity. Children, from a young age, learn with the help of their senses and art is something that that stimulates the brain and accelerates the learning process.

There’s a great amount of freedom involved in creating a piece of art. In working with paints, crayons and pencils the child is exposed to a million different possibilities, this way they avoid falling into the control and the predictability, they liberate themselves from conformity from a very early age.

Then there is the fact that Art brings people closer, it blurs boundaries that might exist otherwise, a child would not know prejudice, and racial stereotypes if he is given a free reign over his own ideas.

Art is culture and experiencing culture is necessary for an open mind. By experiencing art, kids can share and reflect and learn something about the world they live in. It also encourages children to pay more attention to the physical space around them, they become more aware of their surroundings and the way of the world.

But it isn’t all technicalities. Art is important because it because it brings color to life, it shows children that there is more to this world than what they hear around them, what elders say. Life isn’t just black or white, the prism reflects all colors. Children view life differently, allow them to express themselves and they’ll show you a side of life you yourself have never seen.

It doesn’t cost much to let your child have a few art supplies. But what you’ll get in return would be more precious than anything else.

© Ubaid Ullah Ahmed & Maryam Mirza

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