The Typical I am back post

8:36:00 AM

Yes I know! This would at least be the fifth time I would be posting this that I am back; but this time for sure. 

Would be changing the layout and theme of the blog; I used to blog about very random things and still they will remain random along with a travel log.

I hope this time I remain active for times to come. 

P.s just got married 2 months back so would be sharing that experience too 

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  1. Oh Ubaid! Congrats again for your marriage, and please do come back for real this time, I missed reading your blog! :)

    I hope you do remember me,

    1. Yes I do remember you Nic.

      Thank you; and yes this time am back for sure.

  2. Yay, and welcome back!
    I myself am slipping back and forth as well, due to life and everything in it. But we shall try and see how things work out. Blogger feels so familiar and homey to me. :)


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