How To Feed an Almost Desi Baby

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Being a father I have learned few tricks, from making her watch tv to make her sit with me while I edit but trust me having a baby is like a full time job and Maryam does the most important things which are related to it. But one of my favorite things is feeding her (let me clear this), by feeding her means while am eating anything to give her fries, nan, biscuit or even ice cream (she clearly loves icecream).

When it comes to proper food its like an act written somewhere which clearly states that Maryam would be the one who would be doing it and I would be my daughters personal dancer/entertainer/clown/AnythingWhichMakesHerMouthOpen so we thought why not just show you our every day ritual.

All those young dads and momies out there, I FEEL YOU!!!!

Beware! Do not fall for the innocence of this kid she looks cute but can make you go crazy in seconds
 Oh and those of you who still don't know about her; This is Ayra (full name Ayra Ubaid Ullah) and she is 8 months old and no matter how crazy she drives us at times we love her

For parents living in UAE some useful information about the things we are using

Baby Chair: we got it from Baby Shop for AED 350 it has tires plus our baby moves a lot so we had to get a stronger one

Utensils: got it from Ikea for AED 15

Baby Food: Our baby prefers the fruits one and she is 8 months old so we usually get her Nestle Cerelac Wheat & Date Pieces or Wheat & Fruits (available at any shop)

Baby Snacks: Heavenly Organic Superfoods company has this thing called Mummy Wafer Wisps (Spinach, Apple & Kale) it has no artificial sugar in it (the box claims that) and is perfect for kids who are teething. (available at spinneys)

If you have any more questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you 

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