The Birthday I Celebrated in Dubai

8:48:00 PM

Every year we celebrate birthdays and this time i am celebrating my second birthday in UAE; the major difference being having Ayra plus more friends in UAE so it was definitely one of the birthdays I enjoyed. Though didn't cut any cake yet had a doughnut which was pretty good. Rather then having pictures I am pursuing and keeping it consistent to make Vlogs so yes another one right below

So leaving my home from Sharjah, meeting michelle, spending time with family, driving and taking pictures of the Volkswagen 

Oh Oh lemme show you the Volkswagen thingy yes it was pretty cool

Not a family car but if you are into such cars I would highly recommend this one

 meeting all the people at instagram meet at the wonderful salt restaurant in jumeirah and lastly mall of emirates so I can proudly say it was an interesting day after all.

Here's another shot which I took during the instameet

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  1. Aww. Ayra is the cutest little bunny. MashaAllah.

  2. Yes she is fun and knows complete tricks to gain attention 😂


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