The Decisions You Take

3:14:00 PM

I have taken many decisions in life, some are good some are bad like the decision to stay away from being a corporate slave. Some think that it was a foolish decision to leave Pakistan and to come to UAE but some think I took the right decision. So today i decided rather than deciding everything my self lets hear what you guys think about it.

  1. Leaving Pakistan and shifting to United Arab Emirates for the betterment of my family (right/wrong)
  2. Leaving Pakistan and shifting to United Arab Emirates to get international exposure (right/wrong)
  3. The decision to NOT do a job (right/wrong)
  4. The decision to start my own company and live with the concept of *HAWAI ROZI* (right/wrong)
  5. Having a baby in UAE even after knowing the fact the baby doesn't get any passport and its 3 times more expensive here (right/wrong)
  6. To start writing again *yes i know i am a bad writer but lets hear you out* (right/wrong)
  7. Planning to start Vlog not knowing even i will be a paaaliii sii chotiii si larki/qandeel baloch type/taher shah/or just me which is not a good thing either (right/wrong)
So lets hear you out am honestly trying to have a communication here as long weekend is coming up here in UAE, and what you guys will respond I will do something fun/boring accordingly. 

p.s. Just to add some more fun in this communication am adding a picture of my daughter ayra enjoying her time out at Al Ghurair Rotana.

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  1. I don't know why people keep on leaving Pakistan why can't people like you have a better future in Pakistan? Why do you guys have to leave Pakistan just to attain better future ? Go back to Pakistan do something for your country

  2. Thank you Ahsan for your opinion. The thing is it is not about leaving Pakistan obviously everyone would prefer staying in their home country but that doesn't mean we just stick to it. I love traveling and want to pursue my career as a travel videographer & photographer so I decided to leave the country. Plus to be honest currently Pakistan needs a revamp and am sure there are people like you who can do something about it while people like me are selfish who love coming back just to visit and enjoy food.

    Lastly the context of do something for your country, i am showing the world around that a Pakistani boy can work hard abroad and stand between them and Pakistan is not what you see on news; that is little but yes it is a contribution to the country.


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