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12:09:00 AM

Hey everyone i hope everyone is happy or maybe fasty; yes I know lame jokes. Ramadan has kept me so indulged, firstly was travelling after that was busy with my documentary and now planning a wedding. DAMN YOU LIFE! But Alhamdulilah all is good, oh not to forget the bulk of trailers I need to edit.

Before I start more of my whining I need to tell you guys that I haven't vlogged since ages but will start doing it as soon as I buy a new camera. To still cancel out my khurak (need) I decided I would focus more on my blog. For this am going to divide my blog in such a schedule/way

Sunday: Out & About - It can range from my travel experience to the places I love visiting in the world.
Tuesday: Food & My Usual Bakwas (lame things which I love talking about).
Friday: Creative Pulse - It would consist one of my project or something related to my work and the creative people around me.

To add on this schedule; since I have a wedding in my family in UAE would be bringing up some really cool stuff for you all, keep following and updating yourself because BEEP BEEP ITS ME!

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