Udta Punjab - A Very Haram Movie Review

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Firstly even before I start the review I need to clear out few things

  • This review doesn't contain any spoilers 
  • Phantom Productions (Anurag Kashyap) needs to be applauded for making such films and to showcase this film even after so many controversies. 
  • I am sure this movie won't play in Pakistan because of its vulgar language and strong opinions. But would request before judging such films, try going out in the streets of Pakistan, you will get to hear such level of galiyan kay kaan sunnn ho jayein gain.
  • I know its Ramadan but its my personal opinion to watch the film #TheHaramThingsIDoAfterIftari
  • Lastly would request everyone to avoid downloading the film available on torrent, as this kind of cinema is already rare. It doesn't matter if it's an Indian film or Pakistani, anyone who doesn't make a cheap ass commercial film should be appreciated.

Since that is out of my system, I can now go ahead with the review. The movie starts with a typical intro of Pakistan who are currently supplying drugs to India as per the starting scene; WHY ABHISHEK CHAUBEY WHY??? I am sure you could have come up with 101 ways to show how that packet came in the fields, why would you choose this scenario? Anyway will forgive you this time just because of the remaining film. So the film starts where the editor and director try very hard to have non linear cuts just to make it look like a cool film but yet again bad move. 10-14 mins in the movie and am like WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GUYS DOING? And there comes Tommy Singh (Shahid Kapoor) with his epicness and saves the film in one go and from that point onwards there is no looking back; the director pulls up his socks and takes us through a journey which makes us laugh, cry, feel sorry, scared and so many mixed emotions with a climax to adore. THE END

Yes THE END because I don't want to spoil the film for you, it is full of surprises. It shows the typical issue of misuse of power, corrupt police, some people who are still looking for the good in society, how innocence is bought and sold in Asia, bad luck & tragedies but the difference is the style, the story and the directors vision. Throughout the film there was not even a single point where I would go and say "ahh! typical film". The film was fresh and the actors did an amazing job. For me the hero of this film is Alia Bhatt! Boss kya scene hai is ka; she was like one girl who didn't lose her charachter not even for a split second. This girl literally makes you cringe to your chair throughout the film and all you wish is that she gets whatever she wants. The next actor Shahid Kapoor obviously a great actor and did his job pretty well though I felt he lost his character in few places but throughout he was amazing. Diljit Dosanjh was like fresh air in the film his innocence and timing was a perfect match. BUT!!!!!! The surprise for me was Kareena Kapoor boy oh boy the punjabi was superb and she played it so well. Not to forget all the supporting actors from Satish Kaushik to the role of truck driver, everyone was well casted and did a great job.

Amit trivedi is always a powerful combination when it comes to any film which has involvement of Anurag Kashyap, so obviously the music was great. Overall the film from music to acting, to story to direction everything fits in perfectly and would give a clear 10 star without any exaggeration. I agree many people would have their own views about it but I would stick to it and would recommend everyone to see it.

To end the review would like to clear it out the film is definitely 18+ with strong language, gore and it was even horrific at times so be prepared for the experience. With that would leave you with one of my favourite songs from the film.

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