About Me

Hey everyone thank you for opening the link and visiting my blog; am glad someone referred you my blog or maybe my shameless self pimping worked and you ended up on my blog.

So lets start by who is Ubaid Ullah Ahmed and what is BEEP BEEP ITS ME.

This is Ubaid
Ubaid Ullah Ahmed is an epitome of optimism a breath of fresh air, a character which took 21 years to develop (holidays not included), he is a photographer and videographer devoted to click, film and travel wherever destiny takes him. While Beep Beep Its Me is his legacy which will take you to a journey which is visually delightful and took 7 years in the making. In short Beep Beep It's Me is a BC blog which Ubaid made when he was just a teenager and Ubaid is a normal guy living in UAE with his wife currently named as Maryam & a daughter named Ayra (which he thinks looks as cute as him)

So if you want to read his bukwas which he writes in an awful manner with a page full of grammatical mistakes go ahead follow him. Oh and if this wasn't enough he started a youtube channel as well so you can start believing in bad dreams.

This blog will talk about his life in UAE, how desi's survive here as well as keep on having guest post by his lovely wife (when the earth would split into two and sun will revolve around the moon only then she will write one) and if you are not sure why is he speaking in third person toh just think the lame content he will post every now and then (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Just for the sake of the chota sa baby in the picture below)
This is ubaid's family

Instagram & Snapchat: @UbaidUllahAhmed
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