I usually get insane amount of questions favorite being what gear I used and how much I charged; YES don't judge me am lazy to answer them but my wife pushed me to answer all the important ones so here is a list of questions which you people asked me. 
If i missed out on any questions, I swear I did that purposely but okay go ahead ask me if you have any more questions I promise to answer few more of them.

Where do you live and work?
I am currently living in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. I have my own company over here by the name of Beyond The Canvas FZC. So yes I keep on bouncing between Sharjah, Dubai & Abudhabi.

How old are you & when is your birthday?
I just turned 27 & my birth date is 3rd May.

Are you married? 
This is a pretty weird question as I have been married for 2 years now and I have a daughter as well and her name is Ayra. To know a basic about me just go HERE

Where are you originally from?
I am originally from Lahore, Pakistan but few years of my life I have spent in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia but am a true lahoriiiiiiii; from the love of food to my current status everything has to do with Lahore and no matter where I live I would constantly visit my love whenever I get a chance. At least I owe this to my city.

Since when are you doing photography & blogging?
To be honest blogging I have been doing since last 7-9 years that is the reason I have almost 800+ posts on my current blog. But the question which you should have asked is WHY I’m NOT CONSISTENT IN BLOGGING? That is the right question to ask because if you go through last 5 pages of my blog all you will find is “I am back” kind of posts and that is my problem with blogging. I guess I was always an emo writer so whenever anything bad happens I start writing about it but later on photography and film making took a grasp on me and I started expressing through it.
Now regarding photography I would advise you to click on this page

What kind of camera do you use?

I have a complete post on this as well as a VLOG so you can go and check that out here

What other equipment do you use for taking photographs?
Equipment list

What software do you use for photo editing?

Software list

What do you call your blog BEEP BEEP ITS ME?
This question I would prefer not answering because it can have two meanings one “BEEP BEEP” can be influenced by Road Runner, while the other can be inspired by lots of swear which people wouldn’t want to say out loud so this is for you guys to judge what it actually means.

Where can we see some recent work of yours?
Most of the things I usually upload on facebook & instagram but you can even check my portfolio by clicking here

How do you survive in UAE without having a job does photography pays enough?
I do have a proper business which is called Beyond The Canvas Studios; one branch in Pakistan and the other in UAE so Alhamdulilah I am doing pretty good. And the question of does it pay enough; I think it does I am running a family with it. You just need to be consisted about what you want to do in life and what not.

Is your wife okay of you not having a proper career?
From the world I belong to I thought photography and film making is a proper career; but for those who think it isn’t lemme just tell you in a very polite way. Yes my wife supports my decisions in fact she is a photographer herself so I guess its okay to live in a house which do not believe in having proper career.

Did you complete any degree or left everything and started doing photography?
Actually No I am uneducated little dweeb who only knows how to click; just kidding. I was once a student of ACCA now I am just an ordinary guy who has done his BBA(hons) from Lahore School of Economics in Market and Media.

Have you ever done a job?
Yes I have done couple of them, my first job was in a call center in Lahore and my last job which I quit 1 year back was as the Key Account Manager for Bramerz (digital agency) and I used to handle the social media for Nestle.

Which is your favorite place to travel?

Personally I loved Vienna but every place has its own charm; so this question I will address in a post after am done with traveling at least to 10 more countries.

Do you do collaborations and how to contact you?

Yes I do collaborations but it depends on the whole feel of the project; and it’s easy to contact me just leave me an email on ubaid@btcstudios.com 

Read more about it HERE

Why did you start vlogging?

Well I believe I am not that bad in making videos and I thought maybe it would be much easier for me to make videos as compare to writing essays.

Do you do product reviews?

Yes I do product and restaurant reviews but at my own pace; though I don’t guarantee if I will write all good things about it. You can sure that I will be honest about it! I hope that counts

Will you guest blog/Vlog for anyone?

As long as it’s not Zahra haider’s blog! Count me in (and all the people who are interested in fighting over this kindly do in the comments below, I always like debates)

What is your favorite genre in photography/videography?
To be blunt NONE, I love everything which has an essence of life in it.

Is Ubaid a wedding photographer, blogger, film maker or a commercial photographer?
Ubaid is just cute sa chota sa bacha who loves his bachi and bachi ki bachi too much. And the ubaid is all of it as long as he enjoys doing it. I love capturing stories and regarding commercial photography or videography I usually only take projects which have human element in it and that is the reason am never too good with product photography (until on unless it has a pyaari model in that product)

Will you mind if I guest blog for you?
LETS DO THIS! In fact if you are in UAE lets even do a video on it

Can I use your photographs on my blog/website?
Sure go ahead; don’t even bother asking me. Oh but don’t forget to give me credits for them and if I like what you wrote I will try to send you a cookie. 

Now am tired, remaining questions I will answer any other day and if you have any more specific questions just write in the comments or email on ubaid@Btcstudios.com